Mount Williamson Ca Mt Williamson Mt. Whitney Winter Sunrise Lubkin Ranch Alabama Hills, Lone Pine Alabama Hills, Lone Pine Sweeping Clouds and Bristlecone Tree Bristlecone Ghost Tree two Bristlecone Ghost Tree one Crumbling Bristolcone Tree Crumbling Bristlecone Tree with Cloud Alabama Hills & Lone Pine Peak Alabama Hills and Rover Wind Mill Owens Valley Mono Lake Sunrise Mono Lake Summer Storm Mono Lake and Clouds Land locked Tuffa and Cloud Mono Lake, Ca Tuffa Sillouette- Mono Lake Mustangs and sunrize Mustangs Grazing Mustangs east of Mono Lake Mustang Stallions Wind Mill - Owens Valley Pack Station near Sonora Pass Calif Lubkin Canyon Road - Eastern Sierra Joshua Tree near Death Valley Eureka Dunes Death Valley NP Snow Capped Sherwin Mountains
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